When I think back to hiring a wedding photographer I cringe. I definitely have that ''if I had known then what I know now'' type of regret. I may be biased but hiring a wedding photographer is really something that should be well thought out and a decision you should be 110% comfortable with. After all this person is capturing one of the most important days of your life.


Here are 3 mistakes I made and what I hope you can avoid:

1) RESEARCH!!! This should be one of the most obvious things but it was something I seriously failed to do. In fact hiring a photographer was one of the last things I even did when planning my wedding. I reached out to only 2 photographers - one was already booked so I just went with the second. We never met in person until the day of the wedding, everything was communicated by email, and my images were mailed to me on a disc and that was the last time we had any communication. It's so easy to research with Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Search hashtags like #YourTownWeddingPhotographer #YourStateWedding Photographer (i.e.-> #rochestermnweddingphotographer, #minnesotaweddingphotographer) and I guarentee you'l find inspiration for days. 

2) INVEST!!! Mistake number 2 was I wasn't looking at photographers who had the same style as what I had envisioned. Instead I price shopped. Who could give me the most images at the cheapest price. Yuck. The QUALITY of your images out weighs the QUANTITY, please trust me when I say this. You will never print 1000+ photos, nor will you put them in an album. Had I done my research, found a photographer whose work I loved, I would have budgeted myself better to be able to afford the kind of images and customer service I wanted for my wedding day. How much you spend is completely up to you, there are photographers at all price points, but finding a photographer who values there own work is only going to help you with getting the images you want for your big day. 

3) MEET WITH THEM!!! If not in person do it via Skype or FaceTime. It's important that you and the photographer feel like you are both on the same page when it comes to your big day. You will be with this person all day, capturing some of your most cherished moments to date and you want to make sure that everything has been communicated such as locations of where you want images, all the different types of images you want throughout the day, etc. You will have ZERO time to think about this on your wedding day so make it a priority to meet with them. 

There you have it. My 3 mistakes I made and I hope you can avoid!!! Happy wedding planning!!!