You don't need a fancy lens or camera to take good photos | Photography Tips

Lately I’ve been more inspired by using my trusty ol’ Nikon D7000 crop sensor camera and kit lens. Why? Because it pushes me to be more creative and to really understand how my camera works. That’s really what it’s all about. Let me get real with you a minute - buying the nicest camera and the most expensive lens will NOT make you a better photographer if you DO NOT know or understand how to use it. Period. Does buying the best paint brush make you Picasso? No. Does buying the best running shoe make you an olympic athlete? Nope. None of that matters if you don’t understand how to use the tool.

Here’s the good news though. There are so many free resources on how to use your camera (hello YouTube!) The best piece of advice I can give and that I received from a photographer I admire is this - take your camera out everyday, practice practice practice until you know what all the functions and buttons can do even in your sleep. When it comes time to capture moments you won’t even have to think about it because you will already know what to do!

The below images where taken with my nikon d7000 and 55-200mm lens.

Taken with my nikon d7000 and 55-200mm lens back in aug

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Baby {D} | Ankeny Newborn Photographer

Ok you guys, take a seat, grab your favorite beverage (coffee, wine), and prepare yourself for some cuteness overload!

I had the opportunity to capture Sarah’s sweet family about a month ago when Dylan was about 2 weeks old! I’m always so grateful to capture these precious moments for others <2

Sarah is a local style blogger and you can find her website here! She gives amazing tips on affordable, fun fashion, especially for us mama’s!

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Hilton Wedding Boutique | Clarinda Iowa Wedding Photographer

When I first moved to Southern Iowa I was actively googling where local bridal boutiques were (other than Des Moines) so that I could connect with them. Nothing came up. I was honestly shocked! It wasn’t until a nonchulant conversation with friends about a local bridal boutique (and also prom store) came up. I instantly asked what the name was and went straight to their Facebook page! I knew I needed to get in touch with Hilton Wedding Boutique to set up an appointment so I could snap some photos and let the world know about this hidden gem!

They have an amazing selection of bridal dresses as well as prom dresses! Yulia is so nice to work with and the store is beautiful! Truly, if you’re thinking beach wedding, summer wedding, or even a vow renewal she has the perfect dress for you! You can check out more of what they offer here